Hi, I’m JoHannes Michelsen and I would like to welcome you to my woodturning TOOLS website.

Those who are close to me, friends and relatives leave off the Jo and simply call me Hannes hence the name HannesTool.

It was never my desire or intention to become a retailer of anything but my own artwork, years ago when I started to teach my hat process it soon became obvious that some of the things that I used were not widely available, so I did my students a service by getting and maintaining a small stock for them so we could have good Woodhat training courses. At first it was just the rubber bands and the big calipers, soon came Jerry Glaser’s tools and a few other items.

Then I realized that for students to have a good experience at my school they really needed what I call the “right stuff” so I started to design and develop that right stuff and had these things manufactured for me. Or I searched for items that qualified as the right stuff and added them to the line.

It wasn’t long before the idea of making my own line of tools came into my head, but wasn’t to become a reality until Doug Thompson came to me to learn the woodhat process. I said to him I wanted to go into the tool biz and he immediately said “I want to be your steel cutter” that was a step in the right direction! Doug got started quickly; I took a little longer in getting out the right handle configuration.

When that handle shape hit it was a mega dose of the right stuff, this thing really worked!!! I used, loved and sold Jerry’s tools for years but I always felt I could do better, make some improvements at least. The rubber grip is key to the control that is available from the HannesTool gouges, slightly soft (70a durometer) for comfort and traction but the biggest thing is the shape of the handle and the intelligence that it brings with it, which you will learn about as you go thru the site.

These HannesTools are really what the site is all about, it is these tools with these handles and the “Michelsen Grind” that make all the difference and make woodturning the joy it can be. With more control over flute and bevel and a grind that almost doesn’t know how to catch; how can you go wrong? All the other items are ancillary, in support of, need to be on anybody’s wish list but it’s the gouges that are crucial.

Thank you for visiting,
JoHannes Michelsen

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