Welcome to HannesTool.com

Welcome to HannesTool.com we are very excited about our new website and we are happy to have you here. Please enjoy looking around and feel free to add items in your shopping cart on the Product Pages. On the web currently we accept only Paypal or Google Checkout, both of which are very convenient, totally secure and allow you to use your credit card or bank account by only supplying your email address to the vendor.

Please feel free to call us at the studio anytime for more information or to place an order, we acept Visa or MC and we can even work out payment by check if you prefer. Studio Phone # 802-362-3481

Stay tuned for updates and return often to checkout all of our new products photos and videos.

Please comment on the post below; give us some feedback… do you like the website? what would you like to see more of?

  1. JoHannes says:

    This blog is open to our visitors comments please feel free to type your comment in the box below and click submit. Thank you

  2. Brian McInturff says:

    I’m very impressed with the new site. I’ll pass it along to other fellow woodturners.
    Any chance you could post some tips on replicating your grind? I’ve only seen it done on your dvd, maybe one day I’ll get the chance to see it live.
    Again, Great website!!

    • joHannes says:

      Hi Brian, Great you found the new site so quickly, its only been live since yesterday. Been working on it for several weeks, my son built is for me, I think he did an absolutely great job!!!
      Someone from mass found it yesterday and actually bought something on it’s first day.
      Go to YouTube and search “michelsen grind” its not per fect but I think it is helpful.

  3. Hi great page will get a gouge soon if I make a sale lol

  4. great going friend and great tools too

    • JoHannes says:

      Hi Eduardo,
      Great you found the site and liked what you saw, I appreciate the comments you made!
      With tools up and running now and a web-site we are looking for great results.
      Great to hear from you, I’m still looking forward to coming to Peru for a visit.
      thanx Hannes

      • Eduardo says:

        Well hannes you know any time it will be fine, ill take care of you and help in any way i can,had ellis here from woodcentral too,and some others turners as well,so just find a free time and come down, ed

  5. Gilles says:

    Hi Johannes,
    Very happy with the Hannestool handels, and very interesting to see new sizes.

    • JoHannes says:

      Hey Gilles,
      Great to hear from you and to hear that you like the handles you have. I’m sure loving mine, I keep finding new things I like about the grip, form full palm to finger tips this grip has just got it.

      I am hoping to get time soon to photograph to shorter handles. We are having them injection molded now in the two original sizes and then I chop some on the chop saw and rework the ends of the rubber on the wood lathe with my skew, I’m getting pretty good at rolling a “BEAD IN THE RUBBER”
      I’ll get the pix up as soon as I can.
      Thanx joHannes

      • Gilles says:

        Hi Johannes,
        Turning bead in rubber is surely less fun than in wood but can bring some interesting handle shape too ;)
        I’m going, in two weeks time, to our annual reunion/expo/demo week with the group I’m part of in France and I will show off with my “green” handles, and let some friends to whom I spoke about it work with it too (if anyone drool when working I send you a photo).
        Did you find a reseller in Europe?

        • JoHannes says:

          Hi Gilles,
          You are right I would rather roll beads in wood but I need those new handle sizes so turn rubber I must!!!

          Hope you have a good time in France with your group and that they love my tools as much as we do.

          Have not pursued any European dealers yet have been too busy taking care of biz here. If you would have your friend that you recommended contact me maybe that is the best way to get the process started.