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This innovative tool was designed to be an alternative to the more elaborate “coring systems”. With this tool there is no set up, requiring no attachments or gated tool rests it is completely stabilized  by the under arm portion and the drop handle. It is so easy to control it is truly amazing! The Nano grained tungsten carbide tip is so sharp and cuts so freely that there is very little pressure needed and it cuts with almost no kick, being very pointed the tip folds the shavings so they exit the work piece readily.

Nano Grained Carbide is far more durable than Micro and you should easily get at least 100 cores before needing a replacement tip.

1 review for MagnusCore Tool

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    myer berlow

    Without a doubt the best core tool ever made. I bought the first version and liked it but this one is perfection. You can core all day long and not have to stop and set up over and over again. It cuts like a hot knife though butter over and over. It’s amazing how well balanced it is and how easy it is to hold on target. It’s an elegant solution for a tough job

    • JoHannes

      Thanx Myer thats gotta be the best testimonial ever! I feel the same way about the Magnus Core—better than a coring system and way more affordable!

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