Handles Setup and Use

HannesTool handles are provided with a wood plug inserted right behind the steel to retain the lead shot while there is no steel in the handle.

Small handles are molded on a ¾” dia tube 18” long and have a ½” dia hole, which take the ½” steel and the 3/8” steel with insert. This means a single small handle could be used for these two pieces of steel. With a collet handle they could be easily interchangeable and also be removed for grinding and/or travel.

Large handles are molded on a 1” dia tube 22” long and have a ¾” hole, the 5/8” steel goes in with insert the ¾” 1” and 1 ¼” steel all have ¾” tangs. For steel purchased from HannesTool all tangs are fine tuned for that perfect “POP” fit when it is pulled quickly out. The holes in the handles are nominal ½” and ¾” the tangs need to be 3 to 5 thousandths undersized for that slip fit tolerance.

With the perfect tolerance collet handles require only one wrench to snug the collet around the steel sufficiently for woodturning. Over tightening could damage the treads on the aluminum and is not recommended or necessary.

Step-by-step steel setting for glue-in handles

  • Using medium-thin superglue
  • First put some glue inside the handle then insert the steel with a little rotation
  • Now pull halfway out to see that it needs a bit more glue at the outer portion which is applied to the steel then back in and out with rotation
  • Now pull just part way out to get a tiny shot of accelerator
  • Finally insert the steel quickly back in making sure to line up the flute of the steel with the lobe of the handle that has the HannesTool name.
    • To remove steel from glue-in handles, just heat the top portion of the aluminum with a torch and simply remove steel with pliers.
    • Now install new steel with just a couple drops of thin superglue

“Handles that Talk” the orientation of flute to lobe communicates the location of the flute even at times when the flute is not visible, this “talk” is a kind of intelligence and is what we refer to when we call the HannesTool the intelligent choice!

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