Sanding Solutions

Sanding System – Included – 3 no-flex extensions, 5” super soft edge back up pad and the four most used grits of Mirka sandpaper 120, 180, 220 and 320 each box contains 50 – 5” dia. Sheets, all hook and loop.

Sanding Extensions – Designed by Hannes for high function, made of 5/8” dia rod for no-flex performance. This larger diameter is easy to hold on to in use for better control and chatter free sanding even with the 5” disc. Each is drilled and tapped 5/16”-18 to accept the soft edge pad and has a set screw so it can be operated in reverse. The other end is turned to 3/8” to fit in your drill chuck.

Available in three lengths –

  • 2 inch
  • 4 inch
  • 6 inch
  • Complete set of 3

Hannes also likes to use the 6” in his drill press for “after sanding”!

Sanding  Pad – These commercial grade sanding pads are great as they are, the 5” size is far superior to the typical 2” or 3” inch used by most woodturners, much more effective. The back-up pad is already soft edged and is useful as such but Hannes likes to soften the edge even more by grinding away the back side further, removing some of the plastic and tapering the edge to make it far more soft, no edge tracking and able to get into tight corners.

  • Standard soft edge
  • Modified super soft edge