“J” Tool Rests

The HannesTool “J” rest was originally designed by Johannes years ago for turning hats. It was just better than a straight rest. In using it for other kinds of turning it became clear that this shape was a great all around rest.

Top Rods – The round rod on top is 1″ diameter on the 14″ long large rest as well as the 16” long extra large rest and 5/8″ diameter on the 8″ small rest. These diameters fit nicely into work pieces without any interference as can be found on other types of rest. The material used in fabricating these rests is C40-41 cold rolled steel and is plenty hard enough for the task; I’ve never filed one of these rests in the thirty plus years I’ve been using them. With only the round shape of the top rod entering the inside of the work piece it can be positioned as close as is needed to get the good low angle cut, this design results in a rest that knows how to get out of its own way—no interferences!

Stem Lengths – Happily now almost all large lathes use a 1″ diameter hole in the tool rest dock so we will fit in nicely, all mini lathes use 5/8″ stem size so no problem there either. For large lathes we offer three stem lengths measured from top of rest to bottom of stem, 6”, 7″ and 8″ these three stem lengths are capable of accommodating all lathes made today. Some lathes with smart tool rest docs can use any of these w/o problem, other lathes need a specific stem length, so best bet is measure from top to bottom a tool rest that you have that works, that’s good info for you to have when you go shopping for a good tool rest.

For Mini lathes we have two lengths; 3.5″ and 5″ for 12″ and larger. You should check the height of your existing tool rest to be sure to get the right one, remember measure from the top of the rest to bottom of stem.

These rests are eminently useful for all kinds of woodturning, there is a straight section for small spindles and the curved end can do small bowls using just the curved end or large bowls using the entire shape, hollow vessels or any other form you are going for, the back end can be swung around to do the foot of a bowl w/o too much extension as with stock rests….. most common comment we get is this: “Love that ‘J’ rest I got from you – I put it on my lathe and haven’t taken it off!”